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Autumn Lawn Care

Summer is all over and we are now entering autumn, where our temperature will start to drop and get cooler. Your lawns has suffered from the hot conditions of our summer especially in Brisbane. Its time to revive it and also get it ready for winter.


Here are some things you can do:

Your lawns has suffered from a very hot Brisbane summer. Autumn is a great time to revive your grass. Also the the Brisbane autumn temperature makes it pleasant to do some work. The more time now we spend our lawns the better outcombe your lawns will be after winter.



Australians spends alot of time in their yards, especially on their lawns, and combined with the heat of summer the soil will be very compact and hard, which makes it difficult for your grass to thrive. Therefore its is importand to areate your lawns for water, oxygon and nutrient to get down to the roots. Here at Ground Property Services we can do all this for you.


Fertilising your lawsns during autunmn is very important as winter is just around the corner. Fertilising also keeps the winter weeds to a minimum.



As your grass will start to slow down with growth during the cooler months, it is very important not to cut your grass to low as your root are more exposed to weeds. Also make sure your mower blades are always sharp so you get a clean cut instead of your blades ripping the grass which will damage your grass leaf. Our equipment at Ground Property Services are always serviced regulary, blades are replaced regulary and equipment kept clean.